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2024 Virtual Conference Schedule

(All Times in EST Time Zone, New York. Hosted on Zoom.)

Thursday November 21

(8:00-9:00 AM): Christina Escamilla - Venus: Love, Shamanism, and Life Force

(9:30-12:00 PM): Sarbani Rath - The Timing of Diksha

(12:30-1:30) PM: Ronnie Dreyer - Women’s astrology: Do the Classical texts still work in our modern world?

(2:00-4:30) PM: Freedom Cole - D24 and The Future of Education

(5-6:30 PM) : Opening Ceremony - Faculty Introductions - Navagraha Puja by Pandit Samavedula - Keynote Interview with Dr. Dennis Harness and Ksanati - Parashara Award to Sanjay Rath

(7-9:30 PM) : Sat Siri Khalsa - Incorporating the Progressed Chart into a Life Reading: How the Soul challenges evolve through time

(10-11 PM): Joey Bujold - Unlock Secrets of Powerful Muhuta Techniques for Every Living


Friday November 22

(8:30-9:30 AM): Bhavani Dasi - Romantic partnerships and Business/co-worker relationship

(10:00-11:30 AM): Elise Villiers - Career and the search for meaning

(12:30-1:30) PM: Charlotte Benson - Poetical Jyotish from The Vedas and The Upavedas

(2:00-4:30) PM: Alan Annand - Predicting with Vimshottari dashas & bhuktis

(5-6:30 PM): Radha Home - The Hidden Blessings of the Dusthana Houses

(7-9:30 PM) : Tulsi Bagnoli - Purusarthas & Samudra Manthan: Creation and the Aims of Life in LIght of Vedic Science and Jyotisa

(10-11 PM): Dr. Dennis Harness - Vedic Astrology in The West: Past, Present, and Future

Saturday November 23

(8:00-10:30 AM): Sanjay Rath - The Missing Links

(11:00-12:30 PM): Nandita, Tarun, and Ekaterina - Introduction to Karakas of Nakshatras based on Karma Phala, Trimurti and Tattvas in the Navamsha

(12:30-1:30) PM: Anandashree - Mercury Afflictions and special gifts: the blessings of lord Budha

(2:00-4:30) PM: Komilla Sutton - The Planetary Challenges of The Complex 2025

(5-6:30 PM) : Raman Suprajarama - Astrology of Beginners

(7-9:30 PM) : Ksanati - Divisional Charts D20 and D60 (Our Souls Manifestation of Spirituality and The Karmic Secrets We Carry) 

(10-11 PM): Togi Aditya - Understanding Synastry Through Charts in Astrology

Sunday November 24

(8:00-9:00 AM): Dharmesh Mehta - Connection of transit with Yearly Chart

(9:30-12:00 PM): Vanita Lenka - How to interpret your Dasha (Timing of Events)

(12:30-1:30) PM: Jane Anne Thomas - Bonding with Rāhú through Graha Vahana, Nimitta, & Nakshatra Yoni

(2:00-4:30) PM: Sam Geppi - Jaimini Vedic Astrology Overview

(5-6:30 PM) : Barry Rosen - Rahu and Ketu (Wounds and Masks)

(7-9:30 PM) : Dr. Andrew Foss - Vimshottari Dasha Variants

(10-12:30 AM): Kanholy Santhip Krishnan - Jyotisha Using Vishnu Sahasranama

Monday November 25

(8:30-9:30 AM): Branka Larsen - Lagna and Relationships

(10:00-11:30 AM): Pasha - Yoga, Jyotish, and The Pathway to Samadhi

(12:30-1:30) PM: Simon Chokoisky - Special Nakshatra Techniques

(2:00-4:30) PM: Dr. Malini Iyer - Understanding Yogas Beyond their Predictive Applications 

(5-6:30 PM) : Dr. Arjun Pai - Cosmic Synchronicity: Panchang and its Application in Jyotisha

(7-9:30 PM) : Narasimha “PVR” Rao - Vimsottari Dasa Based Progressed Chart & Transits

(10-11:30 PM): Visti Larsen - Moon and Major periods (Dāśā)

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